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What's going on???

Well, looky here - It's been a while, almost four months but gherkin are back, for now at least. We're playing Herb's b-day at the royal this Saturday with the regulars, for an old school, 'just like the good ol' day's' band night.
          After our last gig, which was quite poor to say the least, and with us all off to uni, we thought it best to give the band a break for a litle bit. But now we're rested and eager to get to a night of hard rocking to get our gigging fix. Should be an interesting night whatever the outcome. Greatly awaiting. - Tom. Tue 15/11/05

Hello Again The exams are over!! Whew, well after a month of sitting quietly in my room, elbow deep in revision i think we're well over due for some loud funk rocking! Bully (FAT Abbott) has put together another St Johns gig at the end of this month with Stolen!, Milk, FAT Abbott and Architect.  Sure to be a top night so come along and at 50p a band thats not bad value.
               Plus more good news, with the recording time we won from the BOTB comp we're gona be doing a CD next month!! Wow. Tom. Sat 09/07/05 

We Came 2nd!!! - Some might say that's just a fancy word for losing or that we wouldn't do very well in a boxing match but hey we're pretty pleased with it. Stolen! won (predictibale, talented bar-stewards) grabbing themselves a full day in the recording studio (studio) and we picked up 2nd prize of half a day, result! So we should be putting an ep together pretty soon. Wahoo.
               It was a top night and all the bands played really well keeping the competition fierce. It was a very close decision from the judges to decide who should take the 2nd spot, think we swang it by one vote! Anyway cheers for everyone who came and we should have a discography page for y'all in no time. Bye - Tom 08/05/05

Just a Quick Update The 2nd leg of the BOTBs comp took place last night confirming the full lineup for the final. Stolen! and FAT Abbott went thru by a vote from the judges so added w/ us and Architect its lookin a pretty sweet night.  See ya on the 7th of May - Tom. Sun 24/04/05

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