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How it all began

Gherkin Progress started out in Febuary 2003 when Jack, a talented young guitar protege, decided under the advice of his music teacher, Mr Christlow, to put together a demo CD of his talents to enter a record deal contest, writing and recording his guitar work, drum skills and bass abilities onto his PC. Feeling the CD was a little too good perhaps he enroled his cousin and at the time crappy guitarist Tom to write a few songs with him. Together they wrote some songs, recorded them on Jacks PC and were very pleased with the results (although now it sounds a bit poo, i guess we're getting better).
       Whilst recording together Tom played around with the bass guitar that Jack had been recording with and decided that guitar was not for him, and that bass suited him much better. Eager to play live, the two were a drummer short. Tom, back in his crappy guitarist days used to play with his good friend Jody Eaton behind the kit just doing covers, talking about bands they liked and played until the neighbours told them to shut up. Tom suggested that Jody should join the band, which he did. The three played together on Saturdays practiced songs and had fun playing around. After hundreds of suggested and rejected band names they settled on "Nothing Works", to sum up how they were feeling about their search for band names. However with a loud drum kit, angry neighbours, and pressures from schoolwork mounting up Jody was not able to put as much time in on the drums as he could of, and saddly left the band.
      Yet again short of a drummer, but still writting, Tom and Jack kept practicing and coming up with new song ideas. Tom suggested that they should see how Alex was after hearing about him also being a pretty good drummer as well as great bassist/guitarist (talanted git!) in local band White Elefant. The three practiced together after college in the sixth form's music department and a band was formed. Feeling that due to the change of drummer, a new band name was in order, the three went back to the dictionaries and online band name generators to come up with somthing else to call themselves. Unable to do this they just stuck with Gherkin Progress, a fake name Alex gave the owners of the warehouse where they practiced. Anyway, that's pretty much how it happened so there you go.

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